September 18, 2020

Waterfall Meditation


Like many people, I find the sound of a waterfall to be very soothing.

I was on a long run recently with my hubby when we came across this beautiful waterfall. It’s always there, but it was a little more prominent because we had just had a big rainfall. We chose to stop in the middle of our run to admire the physical beauty of it as well as it’s simple melody.

Often, I’ll create guided meditations to help you find a sense of center and quiet for the body and mind. My suggestion with this meditation, is to find a comfortable position, either lying on your back on seated on a cushion.

Notice the length in your spine and find some space in the body. Shift the body any way that you need to allow for a sense of ease.

Bring your awareness to your breath, without needing to shape it in any way. Shift out of a mode of doing, and just be. Listen to the sounds without needing to do anything. Just breathe and be.