Health Coaching

Health Coaching for all your body goals

  • weight loss and/or weight management
  • fuel your body for success
  • age better and age younger
  • manage the effects of menopause
  • get better quality sleep
  • deal with stress and its effects on the body
  • adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle behaviors that prevent, mitigate, and even reverse chronic diseases
  • improve overall health and quality of life

Is Health Coaching for you?

Do you need guidance and/or accountability to reach your fitness goals?

Have you tried every fad diet, workout gimmick, and gadget with no long-term success?

Has a health professional told you that you need to start taking better care of yourself (i.e. exercise and eat better), but you’re not sure what that really means or which steps to take?

If so, Health Coaching may be for you.

For team building as well as promoting health and wellness for your employees

Multiple options available:

12-week Healthier Habits program

Brown bag information sessions

Group fitness

Group training for team building or special events

Yoga (or chair yoga) for strength, stress relief, balance, flexibility

Meditation for relaxation, stress relief, balance, and mindfulness