Seasonal Cleanse

It’s time to cleanse – April  13 – May 4!!!

How do you know if you need a cleanse?

Do you experience any of the following?

  • bloating

  • constipation

  • digestive issues

  • unhealthy or unusual cravings

  • weight gain

  • chronic inflammation

  • headaches

  • congestion

  • lethargy or fatigue

  • anxiety 

  • depression

  • irritability

  • feeling “stuck”

  • joint pain

  • asthma or allergies

  • rashes or other skin irritations 

What is a Seasonal Cleanse? 

It’s about caring for yourself deeply. It’s a time to pause, to simplify not only your meals but also your daily activities.

It’s a time for deeper digestion of the foods you eat–and also your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Do I have to starve myself?

There are many detoxes and cleanses out there, and some might be about depriving yourself.

But I guide you to look at the healthy, nourishing things you can add to uplevel your nourishment and digestion.

So, it’s not about starving or depriving yourself. It’s about saying “YES” to a healthier, more energized, vibrant version of you.

This Seasonal Cleanse is not one-size-fits-all.

It’s about YOU and finding what works for your body and your life right now.

Do you need to clean up your eating and give your digestion a re-set, or do you need to pay attention to the messages your body is giving you and slow down a bit? Or maybe a bit of both?

Together, we’ll discuss ways for you to design your cleanse, so it’s just right for you and your goals.

Ease in

1st 7 days

Go deeper

Next 7 days

Ease out

Last 7 days

What you get when you enroll:

A 21-day guided seasonal cleanse with flexibility built-in so you can customize your dates to fit your life.

Live weekly Q & As.

Links to the recordings in case you miss any calls or want to watch them again.  You’ll never miss a minute!

A printable workbook that includes reflective worksheets, tracking templates, and recipes.

A 30-minute one-on-one coaching call with Alissa so you can get individual support.

Bonus practices to help you create ease in your body, mind, and spirit.

And, of course, the most essential part is group accountability. Making changes along with a group of peers increases your chances for success by 10X!