December 31, 2021

Every ending brings a new beginning

“Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.” -Jonathan Huie.

So here we are at the end of 2021. 

I don’t know about you, but this year went by in a flash for me.

I filled it with working on my business, lots of runs and walks, learned how to knit (ok, I’m still learning), and I even got away for my first vacation in two years. And boy, did I need that vacation!

What about you? 

Did you achieve all that you hoped? When you look back on how you started the year, what changes have you made? 

Did you learn a new language or how to play an instrument?

Did you read any great books?

Did you start working out or commit to eating healthier?

Did you lose 15 pounds?

Did you start meditating?

Did you decide to pause and take a breath before reacting to stressful situations?

Or did you start strong only to decide that you’ll try again next year?



There’s a great quote by Alain de Botton – “Anyone who isn’t embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn’t learning enough.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean you should be ashamed of who you were a year ago, but it reminds us that we are constantly changing. And with any change, either we’re growing, or we’re regressing.

Sometimes, we might think we’re staying the same as we were in the past. But if you’re not moving forward, you’re taking a couple of steps backward.

So, what do you do if you notice that you didn’t make the progress you had hoped to make?

Realize that it doesn’t matter if you fell short or hit the mark. Celebrate your successes. Every. Single. One!

Forgive yourself if you messed up or made mistakes along the way. Nothing and no one is perfect. So, don’t hold yourself to an unrealistic standard that can only lead to beating yourself up and negative self-talk.

If you still have room to grow (and let’s face it, we all do), commit to your new beginning that starts NOW.

You don’t have to wait for some perfect time to decide to make yourself a priority. Figure out what you want, and then go for it. The future version of you will thank you for it.

So, I’m curious, what was your most significant accomplishment or best memory of 2021? 

And if you had a magic wand and could grant yourself one wish for 2022, what would it be? 

Know that you don’t need to know all the steps of getting to that future version of yourself. But you must decide to go for it. 

The first step is to make yourself and your dream a priority. Then, decide that you are worth going after your desire.

After you decide, pay attention. The universe will present you with the next step.

The key is to take it. Don’t come up with an excuse for why you can’t.

You can have excuses, or you can have results. Which do you want?


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