Employee Wellness

Wellness programs create a wealth of outcomes

Employees benefit from improved health.

Employers benefit from fewer sick days and improved productivity.

Focusing on employee well-being leads to an engaged workforce.

A more engaged workforce increases employee satisfaction and decreased turnover.

Benefits to business

When employees feel that their employers care about their wellness, they are more engaged at work and more likely to go above and beyond.

Increases employee retention, which saves money and time hiring new employees.

Fewer sick days.

Improves productivity.

A healthier workforce means healthcare savings.

Benefits to employees

Replace unhealthy habits with new ones that support greater health and longevity.

Sleep better and wake up energized.

Reduce stress levels.

Manage or maintain weight.

Reduce pain and inflammation.

Experience peak performance–at work and play.

Prevent and/or mitigate chronic disease.

Increase immunity.

Become more adaptable and resilient.

Improve mobility.

Feel empowered.

Multiple options available

12-week Healthy Habits program

Brown bag information sessions

Team building

Group fitness classes

Yoga (or chair yoga) for strength, stress relief, balance, flexibility

Meditation for relaxation, stress relief, balance, and mindfulness​